Friday, April 22, 2011

A Pirate Hat Cake!!

I made this cake for my daughter and her friends that were in a pirate musical at their school. I found it in my Family Fun magazine, and just had to make it when I saw it! For the original recipe and directions click here.

I made two round cakes with this recipe. A box mix would be fine too, I just didn't have one on hand :)

Next, I used a pre made vanilla frosting to put between the two cakes.

Then I cut them like this.

Next I covered a rectangle skillet with foil, and set the cake pieces up like this,

Next comes the frosting! The edges were a little difficult to frost, so I added a little milk to the frosting and used a hand mixer to mix it up a bit. This process softened it up so that it was very easy to spread. (be very careful if you decide to add milk, just a tiny bit at a time till you get the desired consistency)

Here come the details... I used the Betty Crocker Decorating Cupcake Icing that comes in a can (sort of like easy cheese) I love this stuff because it comes with several different tips and is very simple to use.

Then to make the skull and cross bones I took a tooth pick and traced what I wanted onto the cake. I messed up a couple times and it was easy to smooth over and try again. Once I was happy with my picture, I very carefully traced it with the decorating icing. Last, I switched the tip on the icing can and added a little decoration around the entire bottom of the cake.

The kiddos loved it!

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  1. How could a kid NOT love cake and frosting in the shape of a pirate hat! looks great! :)